"When we try to pick anything out by itself, we find it
hitched to everything else in the universe."

John Muir
Cultivate Your Commitment to Canada
Cultivate Your Commitment to Canada is a series of three resource guides designed for use in schools and community youth groups across Canada (grades 4-8). These resources explore the nature of Canadian citizenship, the values that we share as Canadians and the responsibilities that are inherent in being an active participant in Canadian society and the global community. Citizenship involves much more than owning a birth certificate, reciting an oath or learning the national anthem: it includes a commitment to ourselves, our neighbourhoods, our country and our global village.

Each resource includes:

  • a teacher's guide with complete lesson plans, handouts and teaching tips for supportive pedagogy.
  • an interactive activity chart that can be ordered in class sets to allow students an opportunity to record and reflect on their learning.
  • a themed poster to introduce the unit

Planting the Seeds (2003) looks at the concept of Canadian citizenship within the context of identity, belonging and the shared values that help us get along at home, in groups, in classrooms and in communities. Activities encourage youth to explore how our lives as Canadians are enriched by an appreciation of diversity, a commitment to non-violence and respect for the rights of others as well as the environment. Opportunities are provided for students to develop skills in conflict resolution, agreeing to disagree and decision making.

Nurturing Growth (2004) explores the people and forces that have shaped us as a country and examines the shared values that foster cohesiveness and belonging in Canada’s diverse citizenry. Activities examine issues in minority and majority relationships and examine how countries and individuals can demonstrate values such as inclusiveness through their actions and decisions. Opportunities are provided for students to consider the impact that youth can have in shaping the future of Canada and to build skills in project planning and implementation.

Sharing the Harvest (2005) explores the concept of Canadian citizenship within the larger global context. Activities encourage youth to understand the interconnectedness of people, the environment and individual action, as well as to consider the rights and responsibilities associated with being a “citizen of the world”. Trade, consumer and environmental issues are explored though interactive activities that support the development of empathy and empower youth to see the ways in which their personal actions can impact the lives of others.
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