"Education is not a form of entertainment, but a means of empowering people to take control of their lives."
heather mactaggart
Heather MacTaggart

Heather MacTagart
Executive Director

Heather MacTaggart is a nationally recognized expert for education reform in Canada.

In 1997 Heather left a successful career in sales and marketing to form Classroom Connections, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating innovative educational support materials for schools, parents and community groups across Canada. She founded Classroom Connections in response to the challenges facing Canada’s education system ‒ challenges witnessed first-hand with her four school-age children.

Dedicated to learning and youth, Heather has built Classroom Connections into a national charitable organization with an ambitious mandate ‒ to spearhead educational transformation in Canada. Launching her vision began with the design and development of on-the-ground solutions to educational disengagement of Aboriginal youth, one of Canada’s most at-risk populations. MacTaggart has partnered with aboriginal leaders in Alberta-based First Nation communities to initiate the groundbreaking program Change it Up!, an initiative that builds entrepreneurship and trades skills in regions facing abysmal drop-out rates, unemployment and disengagement.

Heather is the deputy director of The 21st Century Learning Initiative and has co-authored “Overschooled but Undereducated | How the Crisis in Education is Jeopardising our Adolescents”. She also has acted as a consultant on educational reform and Aboriginal issues with departments of education, provincial and federal governments and corporations. As a motivational speaker, workshop leader and advocate for educational change, MacTaggart brings her passion for youth and First Nations communities to everything she does.

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