"If you seek to influence someone, don't waste time giving advice. You can only change what people know, not what they do."
Scot Adams
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 Elementary Programs

Bridges That Unite: Explores international development through the lens of global issues, resource inequity and quality of life around the world. Activities challenge youth to rethink typical assumptions about development by highlighting Canada's successful experience in helping communities to address the root causes of poverty and to mobilize their own resources to find solutions.

Strangers Becoming Us: An innovative look at immigration, diversity and multiculturalism in Canada.

Literacy Connections: A workshop for parents to help them read effectively with their children at home.

Celebrating Diversity: A teaching resource to foster inclusive classrooms and appreciation for human diversity.

Cultivate Your Commitment To Canada resource series

Planting the Seeds: Looks at the concept of Canadian citizenship within the context of identity, belonging and the shared values that help us get along at home, in groups, in classrooms and in communities.

Nurturing Growth: Explores the people and forces that have shaped Canada and examines the shared values that foster cohesiveness and belonging in our diverse citizenry.

Sharing the Harvest: Helps youth build an understanding of global citizenship and raises awareness of world issues and interconnection.

The Gathering Place: A teaching resource for Grades 5 - 8 Social Science and History, exploring the people, history, values and achievements reflected in the sites, symbols, stories and attractions of Canada's capital.

Veggie Power!: Uses the funny and friendly Wallace & Gromit characters to introduce the concept of healthy eating and to encourage increased consumption of vegetables among children aged 7-9 years.

Get Your Creative Juices Going!: An environmental art program that challenge students' creativity while raising their awareness of environmental issues in waste reduction and diversion.

 Secondary Programs

Strangers Becoming Us: An exploration of what immigration means, its role in the development of Canada and how it benefits us all as Canadians.

Reading Buddies: A guide to implementing a reading program where secondary school volunteers read one-on-one with elementary school "buddies".

Cultivating Peace resource series

Cultivating Peace in the 21st Century: A resource addressing the nature of peace, the causes of violence, the meaning of security and the potential to effect change in our world.

Cultivating Peace — Taking Action: Encourages youth to recognize the power of the individual in supporting a culture of violence or building a culture of peace.

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