"Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow."
Ronald E. Osborn

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Barry C. O'Connor, Director of Education and Secretary, Limestone District School Board

Classroom Connections has made a difference for schools and districts all across Canada. Your resources promote citizenship and equity and teach young people the importance of being a human being in our multicultural society. Your resources also promote parental involvement in the education of students and we all know the positive outcomes that occur with positive parental influence.we are pleased to be able to support your initiatives and use the resources to prepare our students for a better future.

Liz Barrett, Jump Math, Vancouver

Change it Up Janvier -- they were such an amazing group and some of the best I have worked with!

Anne Bridge, Employment Directions, Australia

Employment Directions are a not for profit community based organisation servicing disadvantaged individuals in regional South Australia. For 33 years we have provided a wide array of services to our community including employment services, training and youth programs.
The Cultivating Peace program strongly resonates with services assisting our young people into creating positive, peaceful change and opportunity for themselves and their community, by overcoming personal and environmental barriers. Barriers addressed can include values, attitudes, beliefs, behaviours, life goals, social inclusion and global awareness, of which this program incorporates; enabling our young people to not only gain awareness of issues on a global scale, but to identify with, explore and challenge themselves into making a change.
We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the Classroom Connections team in allowing us to use this unique program. It is a valued program of which our young people can really identify with, learning about the 'bigger picture' whilst learning about themselves to make a difference that counts.

Diane Fyfe, Director General, Western Quebec School Board

I felt that I should write to tell you how delighted I am with Classroom Connections; principals and teachers in our school board find the information and activities invaluable support to the curriculum and inherent teaching/learning strategies.

Sandy Katz, ESL, Toronto District School Board

I used excerpts from Strangers Becoming Us (elementary) throughout a recent workshop to punctuate some points I was making and it was very well received. Thanks again for your terrific resources.


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