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strangers becoming us - secondary
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Strangers Becoming Us - Secondary program cover Strangers Becoming Us is a resource for Grades 9 — 12 that examines issues relating to multiculturalism, citizenship, and what it means to be a new Canadian. It includes case studies, political cartoons and activities that explore coming to Canada as an immigrant or as a refugee, the historical treatment of new Canadians and the stresses that occur for youth that live between two cultures. It is designed for use in Social Science/Social Studies and ESL secondary programs.

The resource includes

  • a Teacher's Guide that includes all lesson plans and student activity sheets
  • an audio CD of several instalments of a 'radio show' including interviews with children and relevant experts
  • a full transcript of the CD

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Strangers Becoming Us - Secondary Teacher's Guide
sbusecondary_sample_en.pdf (PDF, 132KB)

Strangers Becoming Us - CD Transcript
sbusecondary_trans_sample_en.pdf (PDF, 60KB)

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