"Education is not a form of entertainment, but a means of empowering people to take control of their lives."
spencer philippo

Spencer Philippo, , MBA, CAFM, AScT
Business Consultant

Spencer Philippo has recently taken a sabbatical from the Federal Government – Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada - where he last served as the Acting Associate Director General for the Alberta Region. Prior to this he was the Executive Director, Regional Social Programs and First Nations Relations T8 responsible for leading the First Nations Income Assistance Reform initiative. As part of this reform he lead the creation of Active Measures, a strategy to transform Income Assistance on reserve, and Enhanced Service Delivery, a strategy to provide services and programs to unemployed youth. These initiatives have been targeted at working with First Nations to improve the Income Assistance Programs and help ensure First Nations members can access the skills and training they need to secure employment.

Dedicated to enhancing the programs and services on reserve, Spencer has spent the last 10 years working with First Nations, Industry, and Government on strategies and initiatives to help the unemployed and underemployed gain access to training and meaningful employment. He was the founder and sponsor of the Alberta Social Network Group, the founder of the Alberta Active Measures Strategy, he assisted in the creation of the Maskwacis Employment Center, was a member of the Interagency Working Group on Skills Development and was a board member of the Alberta Aboriginal Workforce Strategy. Through this work, Spencer enabled over 200 projects targeted at reforming social standards and implementing employment and training initiatives on-reserve. These were instrumental in transforming the Alberta Income Assistance programs, reducing dependency by over thirty-five percent over a six year period.

Spencer is currently working on a number of projects in Alberta that will leverage this experience to assist in building the enabling infrastructure needed to continue to meet First Nations employment and training goals.

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