« Si vous cherchez à influencer quelqu’un, ne perdez pas de temps à lui donner des conseils. Vous ne pouvez changer que ce que les gens savent, pas ce qu’ils font. »
Scot Adams
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Classroom Connections has been busy working on an exciting new website on education. The site is based on the work The 21st Century Learning Initiative, an international network of academics, researchers, policy makers and educators who are encouraging people to re-think our current systems of education based on what we really know about how humans learn and develop. The development of the site was funded by the Canadian Council on Learning, a national, independent and non-profit corporation that is committed to improving learning across the country and across all walks of life.

The site was created to encourage both a deep understanding of human learning and the development of a like-minded community agitating for authentic and effective educational change. It is the hope of all three organizations that this site will be used by youth, educators, parents and community members as a place to make connections, explore ideas and share experiences.

Find out about key issues in education, learning, human development and what we really know about how our brains are shaped by evolution, genetics and experience. Explore what motivates learning, what encourages creative thinking and how home, school and community can create the best opportunities for meaningful learning. But don't stop there. Turn knowledge into action. Join a discussion, share videos, book recommendations and events happening in your area. Tell us about educators that inspire you and websites that you love to go back to. Share innovative programs and practices. Exchange opinions and experiences on education in the blogs and forums.

We hope you find the site a valuable place to build our communal knowledge, share what we know about learning and what we are doing to initiate positive educational change. So go visit! www.changelearning.ca.

Find out more about The Change Learning Project, an innovative, multi-stage initiative to transform the way we understand and structure education in Canada.