The Gathering Place was specifically designed as an interactive resource with many tactile manipulatives and a wide variety of strategies and modalities. The SMART Notebook® lessons are available to replace specific activities where it makes pedagogical sense.

We have purposefully kept the lessons straightforward for use by even new SMART Notebook® users. Teachers that are more experienced with the technology will no doubt come up with additional learning opportunities. We have posted the materials on SMART Notebook® Exchange and we would love to see your additions and variations.

Even when using the SMART Notebook® option, we recommend that students also create hard-copy manipulatives (e.g., the two-sided Capital Cards). There are some activities that can’t be effectively replaced using the shared whiteboard.

Download materials by theme:

Theme 1: A Capital Idea

Students explore the attributes, roles, functions and characteristics of Canada’s capital and begin to understand how our nation’s capital serves as a physical and metaphorical gathering place for all Canadians.


Theme 2: Gathering Where?

Students examine what makes a capital city unique and explore the factors and historical context that affect how a capital city is chosen.


Theme 3: Exploring Our Identity

Students explore the concept of Canadian identity and the role of the national capital in representing the shared vision and common values that connect us as a diverse and regional nation.


Theme 4: Celebrating Our Stories

Students explore Canada’s capital as a place where Canadians gather to remember the past; share stories about this land and its people; and celebrate their heritage, common values and accomplishments.


Created and distributed on behalf of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

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